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Where Pizza lovers should Dine: Check out Mr. Pizza

Pizza, pizza, it seems like this is the only type of food that I have to taste whenever one of my children have something to celebration. Whatever the occasion maybe, birthday, graduation, New Year, Christmas, as in whatever that maybe, it was always the pizza that was the center of choices.
I was getting tired of arguing with them, so I might as well just give in (imagine 5:1 ration)

The good news now; I could now suggest a new place for them. I was able to attend the opening of Korea’s number 1 pizza,   Mr. Pizza.
The DreamTeam during the opening of Mr. Pizza

Mr. Pizza is an all-time popular gourmet pizza and I love watching them do the dough from scratch.  You will be mesmerized as to how fast they can do it.

Mr. Pizza abides by the 300% principle:  100% Hand-Kneaded, 100% Full-Hearted Topping, and 100% Grill-Baked.

When it comes to variety, Mr. Pizza can rightfully claim that it's the only brand, which offers very unique flavors and you can choice from their different type of crust.  The pizzas are oil-less and there is sweet potato added to their pizza. So curios that I have to ask them why? I found out that the R & D team discovered that the sweet potato is the perfect match for their dough. 

Mozarella Sticks

Ms Chicken

Shrimp Gold

Secret Garden 

For dessert: There's Sweety Pizza

Vegetarian Pizza with Original Crust

BBQ Galbi Risotto

Crab Carbonara

Cajun Salad

There is nothing in the market that is similar to their top-of-the-line pizzas - Eggta, Seafood Island, Potato Gold, Gesal Montand, Macho Grande, and Secret Garden.
Toppings include shrimp, crabmeat, round steak, chicken breast, and buttery potato, which are not only delicious but also healthy.
Diet-conscious pizza fans especially ladies would love Mr. Pizza’s Smarty Pizzas. These are thin crust pizzas that are not too heavy but still packs in a lot of flavors. Having Smarty pizza with beer is a recent trend among young folks in Korea.

Pizzas under the Classic Pizza category include a variety of traditional pizza flavors with “live” dough, fresh sauce and flavorful cheese.

Other items that would go perfectly well with Pizza are Mr. and Ms. Chicken, and varieties of Pastas.
No doubt Mr. Pizza is a must-try – fresh, unique, flavorful, fun and scrumptious!

They are number one in Korea, and I heard that they will do their best to be number in the Philippines.
Mr. Pizza plan to expand aggressively in the coming months so watch out for a lot of store openings, in malls like North Edsa, Robinson Manila

Follow Mr. Pizza on FB, Twitter, and Instagram @mrpizzaph.

Mr. Pizza is now open at Greenbelt 3

Happy Eating
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