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Friso Camp Experience 2015 at Rustan's

When my children are growing up, I always update myself with event and happening that I believe would be a good be wonderful for their self development.  After class, they go directly to their rehearsals or lesson for arts and music. My children take up lessons in playing the violin, piano and they have ballet class as well.  There are weekends where they also have art lesson with Fernando Sena in different parts of the Metro. These lessons came with a price and that is why I am always on a look out for sponsored events by company about workshop and camps for their other exposure.  They study hard that is why I also believe that they can play hard. These are the memories that I have with my children and that can never be forgotten.  

This believes was also the vision of Friso. 

Friso believes that these experiences are important for child's development. A healthy overall well-being is not only driven by mental, emotional and social-growth, but more so by the memories and bonding experiences shared with the child's loved ones.

This year's first ever FRISO FUN CAMP EXPERIENCES EVENT aims to tell this story how Friso helps a mother and child grow better through the bonding moments and time together. Learning, art, sports and music are the four main activities that moms together with their children have experienced in the whole-day event, happened last May 9-10, 2015 at Rustan's Makati. Rustan's Makati has transformed its entire children's section at the 3rd floor to accommodate all the activities and games. Fun Camp Experience counselors are also present and assisted us and our children throughout the day. Friso have partnered with The Learning Library, KidzArt, Mizuno and Joomajam and made the experience even richer.

The Learning Library hosted a campfire storytelling - a learning activity that has mental, social and educational benefits for the little one. Storytelling boosts a child's thinking capacity and develops stronger imagination skills by introducing new places, relationships and characters which ultimately allows the imagination to soar. Activities such as these teaches our child that learning can be fun with a mother's help, and more importantly, offers an opportunity for them to guide their child in exploring the literary world.

 JoomaJam led the music activites. According to studies, music training helps develop the left part of the brain involved in processing language. At the same time, it teaches one to learn the value of craftsmanship and achieving excellence through such musical performance. Such duet of both the mom and the child will teach the value of collaboration, discipline and excellence.
KidzArt hosted the art and face painting activity. Painting, in general, allows people to express emotions and communicate through drawings. It’s also a therapeutic activity that stimulates the creative mind, encourages concentration, develops self-esteem and trains one to finish what he started. Through the activity, mothers can discover their child's interests, hone their latent talents and explore a world that encourages uniqueness.
 Sports, particularly football training was set up courtesy of Mizuno Philippines. It shared the importance of physical fitness and the experience of discipline during the activity. Football, or more popularly called soccer in the country is an aerobic sport that helps maintain a healthy body as a child grows and develops. Regular playing will also build muscle strength and improve energy levels over time. The children who participated learned the importance of cooperation, planning and experiencing being together in a team. Spending time together in these physical activities allows you to coach them and introduce sports, which is essential for a healthy physical development.

The Friso Fun Camp Experience event have been put together to create a great opportunity where parents and their child can enjoy time together while guiding the little one's well-being. To enjoy each other's company in simple, fun, yet memorable experiences. Mothers are encouraged to share their learning and experiences with others to help create more bonds with one another and make the true spirit of togetherness live among them.

Each child in the event were treated as they have received a special "camp gear" as part of their registration kits, which contains lots of helpful and fun tools that helped them in their Fun Camp experience. 

If you miss this event, don’t worry because it will happen again this 18th of July 2015 at Rustan's Alabang Town Center. 

So if you want your children to be part of this camp, make sure to visit or visit Facebook page at or call the Friso Nutriline at (02) 63-(FRISO) 37476

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