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Jardine Home Pest Solution : The Best Defense Again Pest

This is my home and I will do everything in my power to protect this from intruders that would harm my family and my house.
Big words from a mom like me, but there are times that you can only do so much. There are just some intruders that manage to get inside our home to destroy it and worst; cause disease to our love ones.
There are ways and means for these intruders to be terminated but the problem would lie on how it can also affect our health
Jardine Distribution, Inc. (JDI), a leading multinational company distributing and marketing pest solutions products such as Solignum wood preservative has its line of home pest products called Home Pest Solutions by Jardine Distributions and recently invited us to get a glimpse of what are the other options that we can do to prevent this intruders from entering our home and our destroying our property and cause health problems to our family
 Pests in the home represent a threat to the health of the entire family. Some pests are carriers of serious diseases that can even be fatal, as in the case of dengue fever that is spread by the bite of the dengue virus-carrying mosquito. Exposure to mice and rats urine can cause leptospirosis.  Cockroaches bring with them bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even parasitic worms

The Products
Jardine Home Pest Solutions by JDI include Klerat Single Feed Rodenticide; Optigard Roach and Ant Bait; and ZAP aerosol insecticide which comes in multi-insect and cockroach, killer variants.

Klerat is a rats and mice killer, it kills more rat and mice with less bait. New Kelrat kills rats and mice in just one feeding (killing it slowly so that other mice won’t notice the effect of the bait and that they too will eat the bait). Just a little of Klerat is all you need to kill both rat and mice. It is ready to use , tray pack and wax block, no need to add food and very convenient to use. Klerat is the only bait in the market today that is truly effective in killing both rat and mice

Use an effective mosquito killer like ZAP AK (All-Knockdown) Mosquito Killer in your house to eliminate any dengue mosquitoes that have entered it. ZAP AK Mosquito Killer knocks down and kills dengue mosquitoes faster than regular insect sprays. It leaves no irritating smell and is water-based so it is more environment-friendly.  
ZAP All-Knockdown Mosquito Killer is also affordably priced.  Follow label instructions on its proper use and you’ll be able to increase your home’s defense against dengue.

 Optigard Ant Bait contains thiamethoxam, a powerful ingredient that both attracts and kills ants at the same time, thus, eliminating ant infestation for up to 3 months. 

Optigard Ant Bait has dual action - first, it attracts ants so they take the bait. Second, the ants exposed to the bait bring it back to their nests. This will expose more ants in the nest to the bait’s killing action, including the colony’s queen.

Using Optigard Ant Bait is very convenient. It comes in a colorless gel form, so there’s no worry about staining or dripping. The gel is contained in a syringe applicator. All that we have to do is push the syringe to apply the gel to target areas in our home. It’s best to apply Optigard Ant Bait in areas where we observe ants frequently passing through.

Home Pest Solutions by JDI  are now available in Rustan’s Supermarkets, Wellcome Supermarket, and Shopwise SuperCenters. These products are also available in Ace, Citi and Wilcon Hardwares and selected supermarkets, pharmacies and groceries in Cebu, such as Gaisano Grand, Gaisano Country Mall, Prince Warehouse, White Gold, Rose Pharmacy, and others.  For more information, visit

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