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Yellow Cab Antipolo: Now Open to Serve You

What’s your favorite color? Yellow
What’s your favorite pizza? Yellow Cab

And that’s it……………
Jessa celebrated her 18th birthday at the Yellow Cab Pizza located near CCP with her friends and classmates last June (while I had my mother's day celebration at Yellow Cab Megamall branch). They had so much fun eating that it was almost 12 midnight when they decided that they had enough. I was thankful to the staff that they waited for the children to finish the celebration before they clean up and close the store (it was actually past the closing time when we end the party).
I have my own favorite at Yellow Cab; the DD and the Chicken Chan Pasta (to be honest I don’t remember the names but I could describe it well enough that my daughter knows what I would like to have at Yellow Cab)

Yellow Cab recently opens a new branch in Antipolo and I was so excited to be able to visit it together with some friends.

Yellow Cab is opens their newest branch in Antipolo (L Sumulong Memorial Circle Road, Antipolo City, Rizal), you can easily find the place since it was in front of Unciano Medical Center and public vehicle are passing along the area.

Yellow Cab Pizza: Antipolo Branch
Yellow Cab recently adapted its newest design  ( other branches were renovated as well). It depicts a more industrial theme which gives it a cleaner cut setting.
Inside Yellow Cab Antipolo

Don't Forget their Delivery Service

The Pasta.......................



My Ultimate Dear Darla Experience...............

Eating is such a delight especially if you know how your pizza was made

Yellow Cab has given me the privileged to be able to experience how to make my own Dear Darla Yellow Cab Pizza.
If there is one thing that I am sure of, Yellow Cab is serious when it comes to how they handle their foodstuff.

I was in my apron and hair net when I entered the kitchen; but that was enough because I had to wash my hand; dry it then sanitize it once again before putting on my gloves. How’s that for safety and cleanliness.
I was assigned to make my own version of Dear Darla and the staff was happy to assist me. All the ingredients are place in front of me ; inside their stainless steel container because the management want to make sure that it won’t get rusty in the future.
Above it is the list of ingredients and how it was supposed to be done. To be able to make a perfect Dear Darla, you need to follow the steps and instructions of putting the ingredients on your pizza. The staff was also informative as why it had to be that way:
  • I learn some few facts about how to make your pizza perfect; the sauce should not exceed the requirement so that it my pizza won’t get burned.
  • I had to scattered the ingredients all over the pizza evenly so that every part will be covered.
  • The oven was set at 450 degrees , so that the pizza will be cooked within five minutes.

The smile on my face , tell it all

Now that I am done with cooking, it’s now time to prepare the presentation.  Since there are burn edges, I need to cut the side before putting on the final touches ( like the arugula and alpalpha)
And there you it is………….. My Dear Darla

Thank you Yellow Cab for the experience
Hope to do it once more in the future.

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