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Regenestem Manila: The Center for Arthritis

Regenestem Manila offers the safest and most advance technology available today in the field of regenerative medicine, sports and molecular orthopedics, anti-ageing,  and cosmetic surgery

A core specialization  by the clinic is  Pain Management . Regenestem Manila provides highly effective and modern treatment of Arthritis in Asia. Joint inflammation or commonly known as Arthritis refers to inflammation in and around a joint area that causes pain, stiffness and sometimes difficulty in movement.. Long time inflammation and recurrence can lead to tissue damage. Some type of  Arthritis, if left untreated, may also affect the skin and internal organs. It is a  widely known condition that is most bothersome and painful that choose no age and gender.
The revolutionary , non-surgical cell based arthritis therapy offered by Regenestem Manila allows patients to drastically control and manage debilitating joint pains, which is considered as one of the top ailments that most Filipinos suffer from, most especially and specifically senior citizens. This treatment aids patients in achieving comfort and mobility via Tri Cell Growth Factor Therapy, Marrow Stimulation Technique Therapy, Joint Plasma Jelly, Cellular Scaffold Based Therapy and Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy.

One of the most prominent doctors in the field of cosmetic surgery is Dr. Eric Yalung. He returned to the Philippines after his successful tenure as a medical consultant at Regenestem in Miami Florida, USA and opened Renegestem’s first branch in Asia. Regenestem Manila

Regenestem Manila is the very first clinic in Asia of the Global Stem Cell Group, which is an international company focused on providing the most comprehensive and up to date stem cell treatments to patients across the world. This State of the art medical center is home to a number of experienced doctors and medical staff covering a wide range of medical specialties with Dr. Yalung at the helm as medial director

Regenestem Manila is located at 2/F Belson House, 271 EDSA corner Connecticut Ave, Mandaluyong City

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For appointment contact 245-2200, 09175414164, 09175639331 or send inquires to Irene at

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