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Athena: Milk for Women

I was just having my afternoon nap when my mobile suddenly rings. It was a call from V-cargo, a logistic company whom I sometimes hire to do some pick up and deliveries for me. I thought that there was something wrong, but to my surprise it was a delivery package for me, two boxes of 180 grams of Athena Milk. I first got a box of Athena Milk from a fun ran that I attended few months back. It was creamy and I dearly love the taste. It’s the first time that I encounter milk that ,not only provides calcium but low in fat and a source of anti-oxidants. (Vit. A, E and Zinc.). Being a mother of five energetic kids whom I have to attend to plus their hectic schedule of activities and my work; I have to stay fit and attractive. To look good and feel good is must and with this in mind, Athena formulated milk that will meet my special nutritional needs.

So ever busy that I sometimes forget to eat, and to make sure that I don’t miss the nutrition I need, a glass of Athena milk is all I need. I especially love to drink this in the evening. I don’t know about the experience of others, but it helps me in my morning routine (you know what I mean).

Thanks Athena

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