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The Rebirth of Luneta Park

I was born and raised in Manila. Malls and theme parks are just starting to exist. A big part of my youth was spent in the heart of Manila, the Luneta. I could still remember the many reunions, gathering, events; experiences that were spend at the Luneta Park. But as time goes by, the Luneta Park became a thing of the past. Many undesirable events or people became associated with the place. The last time I visited Luneta was to be a part of the Centennial count down. During that time, we are so careful as not to be a victim of any criminal that lurks in the area.
I once again visited the beloved Luneta last week. I was so amazed of its transformation and renovation. The change was so drastic that I was so happy to applaud the person or organization that’s behind of this evolution. 

The Luneta Park was once again regaining its glory. The improvement of the Children’s Playground was a site that delights not only the children but the child in all of us. It was one of my favorite places for it played a big part in my life.  So many plans were line-up for the RIZAL Park.  All of this was happening through the effort of National Parks Development Committee headed by Executive Director Juliet Villegas, who has done so much since helming NPDC only in the latter part of last year.
The on going construction on the Relief Map is a site to watch for. I can’t wait to try to walk the pathway. When I was in my younger year, I have to content myself watching the map from the sideline, with the new idea of NPDC, up close and personal became the theme. 

Luneta Park is known to be the social equalizer. It’s a citizen park and this park is for all. No once can dictates who could enjoy and experience what Luneta Park can offer. There was a time that people from the afar will not miss the opportunity to visit the Luneta Park during their stay in Manila.
Who could ever forget the launching of the dancing fountain at the Lagoon, which was restored and will soon be choreographed to classic Filipino music with daily shows at 6:30 pm.

There are so many plans to watch out for. The Rizal Monument is scheduled to be renovated and completed in 2012. There’s also the drinking fountain donated by the town of Heidelberg in Germany lying dormat inside the park, the restored fountain will become the centerpiece of a planned Noli Me Tangere Garden.
And who will ever forget the Japanese Garden, Chinese Garden, Halamanang Pilipino and Kanlungan ng Sining, which are among the park’s cultural, historical and educational attractions and must-sees for local and foreign tourists.

 I do hope that they transform Rizal Park into a world-class urban park where Filipinos and visitors can rediscover history and heritage amidst the fresh air form the famed Manila Bay.

Rizal Park aims to become a first-rate recreational area and a major cultural and leisure destination. In celebration of the 150th anniversary of Rizal’s birth, the park beckons to everyone to partake of the hero’s extraordinary life, share his hopes, dreams and ideals and get to know the person who was a patriot, an artistic genius, a true Renaissance man, and the first global Filipino.

Special Thanks to Florencio Jusay Jr. for the photos

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