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Snickers Bloggers Get Together

I was invited last April 16, 2011 together with other bloggers to attend the Snickers Hungerlings Attack Competition Boot Camp Event. The event started with getting to know each other portion (though some of us know each other already). All the while I thought that it’s going to be some sort of war games due to the instruction that we wore something army type.  The event was full of fun and excitement especially when they started discussing the kind of war that was going to do.  Snickers Hungerlings Attack is a new game that snickers introduces to us. Instructions were given and finally, it’s our time to attack. Try-out after try-out happened for we want to beat the shortest time.  We were so engross that time fly so fast. Players can choose between webcam and keyboard. I was once addicted to another sort of game in the pc, but now I think I found another one and this time, my children can’t remove it from the computer. 

Bloggers so engross to what they're doing

Lot of  Sneakers were also given away
Thank you Snickers

For those who want to try-out the new Snickers Hungerlings Attack and Win Prices
Check this out:

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