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Education Transformation by Felta and Intel Microsoft

 It was a day of transformation, an education transformation to be exact. As Felta Multi Media Incorporated, partnered with Intel Education and Microsoft Philippines launch a ruggedized, water resistant laptop that’s powered with Intel Baytrail Quad Core processor and runs on Windows 8.1 with Bing and comes with Microsoft office.

Aimed at school children, the device also comes with macro lens that kids can use to explore objects, and thermal scanner that can help teach them about their own bodies.
Mylene Abiva, Felta Multi Media president and CEO, say that her company is eager to develop school technology solutions that encourages versatile and innovative learning. As a company with 49 years of experience in the Philippine education market, FELTA offers valuable insight on the changing needs of educational institutions and technology that can help learning more effective while still engaging and remaining relevant to students.

Intel Microelectronics Philippines’ Business Development Manager.  Intel Education believes that a transformative education initiative starts from a vision of student success where goals- and understanding of how information communications technology (ICT) can help school achieves those goals-drive change. From improving student achievement and bridging equity divides, to increasing student engagement and aligning skills with workforce needs,


For more information, plese contact FELTA Muti Media Inc. Naning Villanueva, ) 6329121397) or visit

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