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Who is Nathan Allen and why was declared Persona non grata

 There are lots of threading topic that keep popping on my time line and one that caught my mind is this Nathan Allen.

Nathan Allen was recently declared persona non grata in Sorsogon after his post negative things about the place in his Facebook.  Nathan Allen is an international travel blogger and he own “I Dreamed of This”. For saying that he is disappointed in Donsol is not a good move from his part, that I can say.

We love tourism visiting our country and exploring our culture and for him to post that statement.  Whether his a blogger or one of our tourist; I’m sure that we would accommodate him to the best way we can.

Posting words like "Is the Department of Tourism just hiring members of their families who need jobs? I hope not... these people need to ACTUALLY be qualified!"

It’s nice of him to inform the tourism officer of Donsol of his arrival to the province but did he expect that we roll on the red carpet just because he informed the officer of whom he is or why he is there.
I don’t want to sound like a know it all person but for someone who have to be declared a persona non grata, I think he did a something wrong that is really big for the province to be angry.

Reading post like "To be clear that I'm not just a 'hobby blogger,' I mentioned that I had just come from Albay, where I was a guest of Governor Salceda," sounds like he need to be treated with more than what the province can give.

It was Frank Eric Ravanilla, a board member of the Donsol tourism office, who file the resolution with the approval of the council.
Whether it’s a minor thing or a big thing, you don’t just post, think before you click because there are thousands of people who will be affected by the thing we say and do.

Just saying………………………..

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