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Happy Mother's Day to All: My Way

In a few days, the world would be celebrating Mother’s Day.  One of the most important dates that a mom would always remember in her life. As the day nears, I was actually thinking about myself as mom. I was kind a evaluating what kind of mom I have been. I got the world’s greatest model in my life; my own mother and she brought me well in this world that I know I had tried my best to be one (a good mother to my five kids)

But then there are times that keep me thinking; if I doing the right thing.  There are times that I think that I am embarrassing my children but deep in my heart I also know that they loved it (because I also remember about this with my own mother)

Here are some moments that I thought I am embarrassing my children yet I know it's still endearing to them

  • Kissing them in public place especially near the school. I remember when EJ turned 10; it was our ritual to kiss one another when parting but it stops because he doesn’t want to be tag as mama’s boy .Well EJ just kiss me at home or when he goes to sleep (loving the ritual. 
  • I love my children and I want to tell stories about them when they were a child. I just couldn’t help it. I always do that to them in front of their friends and they would smile eventually. 
  • Not only I tell stories about my kids, but I show people their photos when they are still babies or younger.  My home is full of photos in frame that show off what they look like when they were younger. I love telling our guest how they turned into beautiful swans from ugly ducklings.
  • My children don’t trust me when it comes to shopping; they don’t like my taste when it comes to clothes but then I wonder; why are they wearing it (hahaha, it doesn’t good on me but it good looked to them)
  • I called my children baby in public and they hate it. I always told them that they are my still my babies even when the time comes that they will have their own children. I know that they are still my babies because they still rely on me on sweet small things. 
  • I ’m a proud mom and I keep bragging about it especially when they have competition and show. I share their photos and videos and they hate  it; especially if I didn’t use the best picture of them all. They normally complain that the picture are too dull or something and they couldn’t believe that I could video their performance even though that it’s not allowed (I use to be a spy in my past life, hahahaha)
  • My kids are embarrassed when I complain in shops and restaurant. Well, remember that they are five and going out or dining in means a hole in my pocket. They know who thrifty I am and I always make sure that I get my money worth everywhere and anywhere. 

Hahahaha, I know my kids love me even when I embarrass them because they still smile at the end of that moments and with that in mind, I got the perfect venue for our date this coming Sunday.

I was hoping that my children will all be present in this important date. I normally go to church every Sunday at the St. Pio Shrine in Libis and I wish that my children could be there with me. My plan is j simple; after church we could have our lunch at the Jollibee nearby the St. Pio.

Being thrifty doesn’t mean that we cannot enjoy good food. I have already calculated the budget that I would need and I know that with Jollibee Chickenjoy’s price rollback, it is much easier for my pocket . The whole family would truly enjoy it I would be happy because of the cheaper price. I would definite enjoy the big savings on our favorite langhap-sarap pair with Jollibee!

May 10 need to be celebrated or you can say every day is a cause for celebration with Jollibee Chickenjoy and Jolly Spaghetti, now made more affordable. 1-piece Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti SOLO that cost P117 will only be P99 – that’s P18 in savings, multiply that by 5 and I will get P90 saving and that means I could also buy for myself . Or 1-piece Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti Value Meal worth P122 will only be P109, saving: P13

I normally don’t order when we dine out because I just eat the left overs of my children. I’m not ashamed to admit that; we mothers always want to give the best to our children and left nothing for us. But during those times; I know that my children loved me. Why? Because they always make sure that they left something for me to eat.

There are moments to treasure and one them is Mother’s day. Make time to celebrate……..

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