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The Four Filipinos who made it to the Final of Asia's Got Talent 2015

Asia’s Got Talent will finally pick their grand winner on May 14, 2015. For those whose wasn’t able to watch their performance last May 7 like I did, here are the videos of our Pinoys who made it to the finals. I am so happy that four of them got in but at the same time felt a little bit of sadness because it means that the votes would be divided.
Here are our Pinoy four finalists of the Asia’s Got Talent 2015.Thank you that there is YouTube

El Gamma Penumbra

Junior New System

Gerphil Flores

Gwyneth Dorado

Stay tune for more updates, I'm happy that I would be able to watch the announcement of the winner of the Asia's Got Talent 2015, so keep checking my blog

What can you say, who do you think really deserved to win?

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