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My Future Goal: To be a Reliable Financial Advisor

Sunlife’s 3rd topic: Finding the right financial advisor

After several sessions with Mr. Aya at Sunlife and after a series of events that I attended about Sun Life mission, I now realized that I have to be a Financial Advisor in the future.
I was trying to convince my daughter to invest but there are so many question that I can’t answer and many things that I can’t explain. I had no idea on the topic we are discussing and if ever I do have, it was not enough to convince her to invest. I need to start learning about things that I want them learn as well.

More than anything, I need to learn the importance of being a financial advisor for my family.

Reason Why I want to be A Financial Advisor

  1. I want to ensure that my family learns to invest wisely
  2. I want to ensure that that my family and those who are dear to me achieve financial freedom by showing them the direction
  3. I want to guide them in making wise financial decisions

I believe that before I can be able to guide my dear children on how to manage their hard earn money; I need to equip myself with the knowledge and technical knowhow (especially the explaining part) of how important what I am teaching them.

To be honest, the first reason that I got interested to be a financial advisor is to be able to earn but that’s not what it’s all about. If you a financial advisor, you have the responsibility of guiding a person to financial freedom

More than ever, I am now eager to learn the ropes of how to be a financial advisor. I plan to take join the next batch of trainees and hopefully equip myself to be a reliable financial advisor.

So if you too want to be a financial advisor like me

Submit your resume at

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